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2020 International Chapter Architecture Awards

2020 International Chapter Architecture Awards: People's Choice

MuseumLab | Koning Eizenberg Architecture

Heritage Architecture

A Carnegie Library’s legacy of innovation is reincarnated as the MuseumLab – a testing ground for teen learning. The formerly abandoned historic library now houses space for youth (10+) to experiment with art and technology, a charter middle school, and incubator space for nonprofits in the education sector. The MuseumLab was developed by, and located adjacent to, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh who also developed the Children’s Park. The adaptive re-use strips back destructive interior alterations that compromised the original landmark. The result is a “beautiful ruin” that evokes local history, and highlights the act of discovery. MuseumLab makes the Children’s Campus of Pittsburgh the largest cultural campus in the US.

MuseumLab | Koning Eizenberg Architecture | Photographer: Eric Staudenmaier

Client perspective:
How does the design benefit the way you live / work / play / operate / educate / other?

MuseumLab’s rich tapestry of history and feeling is an immersive experience of its 130 year old story. It leaves the inescapable feeling of a building in progress. It makes art from decay, sculpting history into a demonstration of innovation and ingenuity. Every corner and crevice was designed to spark creativity. lmmersive learning is also the project’s guiding ethos. Just as libraries created a new space for people to learn, MuseumLab reinvents how we understand education. It is an experiment in how we provoke, evoke, and ultimately inspire. Andrew Carnegie would be very pleased by our use of his space.


Practice TEAM


Mascaro Construction – Builder

Pentagram – Graphics

Studioi with Lam Partners – Lighting Consultant

Freeland Buck – Ceiling Artwork

IDeA Center at University of Buffalo – Universal Design

Branchpattern – Sustainability

Clio Consulting – Heritage Consultant

AES Atlantic Engineering Services – Structural Engineer

lams Consulting – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineer, Fire Protection

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services – Civil Consultant

BABICHacoustics – Acoustic Consultant

Ryder Henry – Lobby Artwork

Mia Tarducci – Artwork – Some Big Words

Maureen Walsh – Artwork – Chromatic Passage

Ramon Riley – Artwork – AMUSE

Eric Staudenmaier – Photographer

Project Location

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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