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2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

milledge lane | lxn architecture

commercial Architecture

Located within Launceston’s semi-industrial city fringe, Milledge Lane is a commercial infill development and a catalyst for urban renewal. Milledge Lane is surrounded by significant heritage buildings and industrial remnants. The built context became the main driver for our exploration of form and materiality. Sculpted curves and sloping planes define the building edges and express a playful and contemporary exploration of the surrounding industrial context. Sawtooth rooves, the circular gasometers and the eclectic high-Victorian style of The Albert Hall all contribute to the formal gestures of Milledge Lane. It is an exciting urban context to be working within as the surrounding precinct is experiencing a process of urban re-generation. We were very aware that the building needed to be flexible; addressing the client’s short-term and long-term aspirations for the site and providing a vision for the future.


Milledge Lane | LXN Architecture | Photographer Anjie Blair

Client perspective:
How does the design benefit the way you live/work/play/operate/educate/other?

“What I love about Milledge Lane is that it complements the surrounding landscape without dominating it. We wanted a building that would stand the test of time and be a ‘nod’ to our family’s connection to Tasmania, our long-standing business and identify with the historical context. As a commercial building, Milledge Lane meets our brief perfectly as an attractive and functional building/work space that optimises the available area without compromising on appearance, style or quality. The landmark building has attracted excellent rental interest, providing a solid return-on-investment. Our project came in time and budget. As clients, we couldn’t be happier.”


Practice team

Josh Crossin – Project Architect

Sarah Lindsay – Project Architect

Haki George – Graduate of Architecture


Fairbrother – Builder

RARE – Structural Engineer

Engineering Solutions Tasmania – Services Consultant

Tasman Geotechnics – Geotechnical Engineer

Anjie Blair – Photographer

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