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2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Kingborough community hub | march studio

public Architecture

The Kingborough Community Hub reflects the needs of a community. Our vision was to weave programme, architecture and landscaping together to create a rich and vibrant community asset. Central to the project is flexibility, reconfigurability, and sustainability. This is a building for all: a proud civic gesture constructed from ultaltarian materials, a robust piece of public infrastructure to serve the people of Kingston, and a building able to be shaped in anyway the local residents see fit. The material palette has been designed to celebrate the history of local industries in the region.

Kingborough Community Hub | March Studio | Photographer: Peter Bennetts
Kingborough Community Hub | March Studio | Photographer: Peter Bennetts


Practice team

Rodney Eggleston – March Studio

Garth Ancher – March Studio

Jenny Kan – March Studio

Charlie Lane – March Studio

Nicola Pacella – March Studio

Toby McElwaine – March Studio

Jaime Levin – March Studio

Julian Canterbury – March Studio

Anne-Laure Cavigneaux – March Studio

Lewis Edwards – March Studio

Wilko Doehring – March Studio

Julien Ybert – March Studio

David Thomas – March Studio


Hutchinson Builders – Builder

Aldanmark – Engineer

Lee Tyers – Building Surveyor

Dobbs Doherty – Fire Engineer

ECOS Engineering – Electrical Consultant

Ian Loney – Mechanical Engineer

Red Sustainability – Sustainability

Peter Bennetts – Photographer

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