Fenner Hall Student Accommodation, ANU | BVN

2020 ACT Architecture Awards

Fenner Hall Student Accommodation | BVN | Photographer: John Gollings

2020 ACT Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Fenner Hall Student Accommodation, ANU | BVN

Residential Architecture | Multiple Housing

Fenner Hall Student Accommodation is a signifcant building at ANU comprising the Kambri precinct, which opened in early 2019. It draws together urban design agendas in the creation of a new, contemporary campus heart infused with commercial life, with the tradition of large institutional education buildings requiring timeless elegance and a sense of gravitas.

The largest building within the Kambri precinct, Fenner Hall consists of two wings of student accommodation featuring a predominantly brick façade, linked at the lower levels by communal and retail areas which feature transparency and connection with the outdoors through the façade and spatial configuration. The use of bronze fenestration throughout reinforces the timeless and civic character of the building, while the dynamic interlocking of forms with the other buildings comprising the precinct balances this with contemporary expression.

Fenner Hall Student Accommodation | BVN | Photographer: John Gollings

Client perspective:
How does the design benefit the way you live/work/play/operate/educate/other?

The New Fenner Hall was an essential part of the Kambri Redevelopment ensuring the project delivered a living precinct shifting accommodation from the campus’ fringe into its heart. The new Fenner Hall delivers an urban offering that contributes both in design and activity in a new vibrant and diverse campus heart enhancing wellbeing as well as supporting the eclectic nature of university life whilst facilitating lifelong relationships and an enhanced student experience. The focus was on delivering not only a high-quality built product but also focusing on the softer elements – camaraderie, friendships, academic and pastoral support.


Practice team

Ninotschka Titchkosky – Project Principal

James Grose – Project Principal

Tim Crawshaw – Project Director

Peter Clarke – Project Director

Guy Hanson – Project Architect – Marie Reay Teaching Centre

Liam Croft – Project Leader – Cultural Centre

Adrian Mignot – Project Leader – Fenner Hall Student Accommodation

Alex Chaston – Project Architect – Di Riddell Student Centre

Marc Micuta – Project Architect – Health and Wellbeing Centre

Charlie Fanniere – Project Team

Ricardo Velez-Calvo – Project Team

Schneider Eliassaint – Project Team

Anna Sulsters – Project Team

Marc Hine – Project Team

Yashan Chen – Project Team

Benita Chen – Project Team

Brian Steele – Project Team

Shao Ing Gan – Project Team

Eric Yeoh – Project Team

Michelle Farman – Project Team

Luciana Castilhos – Project Team

Daniel Londono – Project Team


Lendlease – Builder

Colony Six – Development Manager

lahznimmo + ASPECT Studios – Landscape Architect

Robert Bird Group – Structural Engineer

Fredon – Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

360 Fire – Fire Systems Designer

Warringtonfire – Fire Engineer

Cardno – Civil Engineer and Traffic Consultant

Sellick Consultants – Hydraulic Engineer

Philip Chun – DDA Consultant

BCA Certiifiers – BCA Consultant

Apex Façade Consulting –  Façade Engineer

Atelier Ten – Building Physics Consultant

The Footprint Company – Environmental Consultant

Acoustic Logic – Acoustic Consultant

Howard Tanner – Heritage Architect

Büro North – Wayfinding Designer

Windtech – Wind Consultant

Knight Frank – Town Planner

Arup – AV & Theatre Consultant

Point of View – Specialist Lighting

John Gollings – Photographer

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