Spring Bay Mill Stage 1 | Gilby + Brewin Architecture with Marcus Ragus

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Spring Bay Mill Stage 1 | Gilby + Brewin Architecture with Marcus Ragus

Public | urban | interior Architecture

The Spring Bay Mill event spaces are part of the ongoing 40ha site-wide regeneration of what was the world’s largest wood chipping mill into a culture- and environment-focused events venue. Each space is an adaptive reuse of a structure that formed an integral part of the mill operation: the Banksia Room, a 250-seat reception and function room that upcycles the former administration building; the Tin Shed, a 230-seat performance hall housed in a cluster of remaining industrial sheds; and the Amphitheatre: a large open-air venue set around the old slew crane footing.

The design approach to these spaces has been to simply tidy up, carefully alter, and, only where needed, add to what was already there in order to immerse visitors in the place. The overall aim is to support a range of public events that ultimately contribute to the ongoing repair and regeneration of this damaged site.

Spring Bay Mill Stage 1 | Gilby + Brewin Architecture with Marcus Ragus | Photographer: Ross Brewin

Client perspective:
How does the design benefit the way you live/work/play/operate/educate/other?

“The Triabunna Woodchip Mill was the largest and most destructive in the world. Greed and political corruption ensured its ‘success’. Since acquiring the site and shutting down old growth logging in Southern Tasmania, we struggled to find first, a business model that works, and second an architect who listens.

Gilby + Brewin listened and applied the desired ‘light touch’ to repurpose existing industrial infrastructure, while designing to meet our goals of natural ecosystem regeneration and built environment sustainability. The event spaces are a series of stunning transformations. We wanted surprising, practical and optimistic, and the architects have delivered.”


Practice team

Ross Brewin | Architect

Anna Gilby | Designer

Shing Hei Ho | Graduate of Architecture

Marcus Ragus | Horticulturalist / Landscape Designer


Dillon Builders | Builder

Marcus Ragus | Horticulturalist / Landscape Designer

Futago | Wayfinding Signage Design

Bury Kirkland Ferri | Interior Design Consultant (Banksia Room)

Saltmarsh and Escobar Consulting Engineers | Civil + Structural Consultants

Andrew Sutherland Consulting Engineers | Services Consultant

EHome AV | AV and Lighting Consultant

Eagle Ridge Consultants | Preliminary stage site wide project management and construction

Vanishing Point Design | Preliminary stage consultant coordination, design and documentation

Laura McKusker | Furniture Designer (Banksia Room)

Holdfast Building Surveyors | Building Surveyor

Richard Jupe, Anna Gilby + Ross Brewin | Photographer

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