Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment | Lyons with Terroir

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment | Lyons with Terroir

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The RHH Redevelopment project at Liverpool Street in Hobart has provided the most dramatic transformation of facilities and site reorganisation that the campus has seen its 200 years of operation. At the heart of this strategy is a new internal public street that connects the existing campus fabric and facilities with a new inpatient tower (Building K), resolving many of the functionality problems resulting from the hospital’s organic historical growth.

Building K brings together dispersed and outmoded ward accommodation from across the campus into a new multi-level contemporary inpatient building. This enables the delivery of high levels of efficiency both for patients and for the hospital in the effective deployment of nursing staff.

The primary urban design strategy was to transform the previous ‘institutional’ quality of the hospital campus – which was inward focused, opaque, and dysfunctional – to a more open and porous campus that ‘opens up’ to the community.

Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment | Lyons with Terroir | Photographer: John Gollings

Client perspective:
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“The $689 million Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment is Tasmania’s largest single investment in health infrastructure. It has delivered a 10-storey inpatient building known as ‘K-Block’, a state-of-the-art facility built to provide better care for patients with more capacity, more operating and procedure rooms and contemporary amenities. The design ensures that family and friends have the facilities and spaces to provide the support needed to their loved ones. And for the dedicated staff who care for patients, K-Block offers new levels of amenities, equipment and technology to ensure a seamless focus on patients and their families.


Lyons with Terroir


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