Pine Flat Lodge | Room 11

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

2021 Tasmanian Architecture Awards: People's Choice

Pine Flat Lodge | Room 11

Commercial Architecture

Pine Flat Lodge is a dream project for an architect, featuring a client that has spent a lifetime on the land with an open heart and mind. The Lodge is an exercise in graciously inhabiting place, rather than consuming the extraordinary prospect that the landscape offers.

The Lodge furnishes the landscape with a minimum of material and provides only the bare necessities for shelter after a day in the blazing East Coast sun. Sleeping spaces are warm and dark and entirely focused on rest and recovery from a physical day.

Communal spaces are equally simple, a kitchen and dining space, a lounge for conversation and reading.

Sustainability and efficient, responsible use of materials are core principles that the Lodge is based on. Exposed elements will age gracefully and can be maintained easily, as all services are autonomous. The project is a landmark of sustainable construction.

Pine Flat Lodge | Room 11 | Photographer: Dianna Snape

Client perspective:
How does the design benefit the way you live/work/play/operate/educate/other?

“When we set out to acquire the property through the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, the main reason was to protect and restore land for biodiversity. It was important also for us to be able share it to help others understand the true value of nature.
When we approached the architects, we asked them how we might create a structure that will enhance the natural values of the property, and inspire people to think about what they can do as individuals to protect nature and act on climate change. Pine Flat Lodge does just that.”


Practice team

Thomas Bailey | Design Architect

Thomas Bailey | Project Architect

Kate Phillips | Design Documenter


Elevate Building Tasmania | Builder

Dianna Snape | Photographer

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