‘Plugging the gaps’ Series

Dr. Mark Dewsbury of UTAS and Dr. Steve Watson of RED Sustainability will deliver this in-depth 4 session follow up series as a follow up to their Introductory overview. Designed […]

‘Plugging the gaps’ | Vapour Control

The aim of the vapour control layer is to control where water vapour travels within the building and to try to minimise the risk of condensation occurring within the building […]

‘Plugging the gaps’| Water Control

The aim of water control is to prevent water ingress into a building and to avoid moisture entrapment within the building elements. The session will explore the rain screen concept; […]

‘Plugging the gaps’ | Air Control

The aim of Air control in a building in a cool climate is primarily to control heat loss through unwanted infiltration of outside air. This session will cover; building sealing […]

TAS Regional Refuel CPD: Commercial Roofing Selection

There are many often competing factors to consider when choosing a roof system: structural requirement, fire standards, weatherability and thermal performance. This seminar will provide you with technical understanding to […]

TAS Regional Refuel CPD: Insulated sandwich panels

When it comes to design and construction in today’s world there are many options to consider and, in this seminar, participants will expand their understanding on Insulated Sandwich Panel (ISP), […]

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