Nic Brunsdon is carbon neutral

Principal and creative director, Nic Brunsdon discusses the potential of carbon offsetting for supporting local projects and how certification fits into a broader system of values-driven initiatives that work towards ethical practice.

Carter Williamson is certified carbon neutral

Vivienne Hinschen and Ben Peake from Carter Williamson met with the Australian Institute of Architects to talk about the studio’s carbon neutral journey, supporting cleaner power, local ecologies and projects led by First Nations peoples.

Core Collective Architects is carbon neutral

Core Collective Architects have taken their practice carbon neutral. Associate, Emily Ouston sat down with the Australian Institute of Architects to chat about in-house auditing, sustainable specifying and the power of collegiate knowledge-sharing.

Breathe is carbon neutral

Going carbon neutral is just so easy to implement. Sometimes with environmental urgency, people become overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. But if you run a business, this is really one of the simplest things you can do. We just want everyone to know that going carbon neutral isn’t hard and it makes a huge impact. Breathe Director of Sustainability, Bonnie Herring.

SJB is carbon neutral

Because each individual’s activities are tied to it, our carbon neutral certification has reminded the whole team about the power of everyday choices. It’s a tip of the iceberg kind of thing that makes us all realise that there are so many decisions we make as architects where we can have a more positive impact. Going carbon neutral creates a framework to think about those things and provides a responsive structure to track our progress year on year.

Kennedy Nolan is carbon neutral

Kennedy Nolan is certified carbon neutral. Director of Architecture, Victoria Reeves sat down with the Australian Institute of Architects to discuss carbon neutral certification with a view to tackling more complex, and exciting, sustainability challenges.

Kosloff Architecture is carbon neutral

Working towards carbon neutral helped our decisions and has shaped an attitude in our studio that is less about dollar value and more about long-term impact. For us, being carbon neutral is about operating in a way that reflects our values. The time and the effort involved is very small compared to the benefit of doing it. Stephanie Bullock, Director, Kosloff Architecture.

CO-AP is carbon neutral

Going carbon neutral was a surprisingly easy process and has been really positive for us. It’s enhanced the culture of our office and we now have unified targets around sustainability, which we’re working towards together. Will Fung, Director, CO-AP.

Welsh + Major are carbon neutral

Becoming a carbon neutral practice has allowed us to think more critically about materials and how to make buildings – we’ve become more reflective and investigative. It’s exciting that going carbon neutral encourages this very tangible shift.
David Welsh, Director Welsh + Major.

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