Design Considerations for Insulated Sandwich Panel

This seminar explores a range of design considerations to achieve optimum results with ISP including; structural, thermal, weatherability and fire properties. It will discuss the differences between ISP and ACP, the properties of different ISP core types and how ISP complies with Australian Standards.
– Bondor

Insulated Sandwich Panel: Composite, BIM & Installation

Participants in this seminar will expand their understanding on Insulated Sandwich Panel (ISP), how the manufacturing processes differ and how this in turn results in different properties for each panel type. This presentation will identify the key quality control measures in this process, the Australian Standards, BIM options with ISP and other controls applicable to the end products.
– Bondor

Commercial Roofing Selection Process and Lapping System Options

There are many often competing factors to consider when choosing a roof system; structural requirements, fire standards, weatherability and thermal performance. Bondor Metecno’s easy to understand guide can assist you through this process.
– Bondor

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