JamFactory Tarnanthi: Ernabella Arts Exhibition | Grieve Gillett Architects

In celebration of 20 years of ceramics at Ernabella Arts, GGA co-created with JamFactory and the artists an exhibition of significant artworks, drawing on the relationship between the artwork, community and landscape. Qualities and characteristics of both the built and natural environment are brought to the gallery space, where the artists feel as though a piece of their home has been brought to the gallery, and that visitors have a sense of being transported to Pukatja. Central to the exhibition space is the corrugated iron display plinth, its sweeping curves referencing the aerial view of the landscape. Set against a backdrop of the dramatic landscape, the ceramic pieces rest on a bed of ochre-coloured dirt, brought in from Pukatja. Resourceful, like the artists themselves, the low-impact exhibition made use of reusable and recyclable materials that are rooted in a sense of place.

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