Victorian Policy & Advocacy Update

The latest Victorian advocacy and policy updating including the COVID-19 restrictions update and more.


Restrictions commence from 11.59pm tonight (August 16), with a Melbourne Metropolitan curfew from 9pm to 5am.

Permits will be required to leave the house for authorised work, consistent with the arrangements that were in place last year. Additional restrictions will also apply to the construction industry, again operating as it did last year with staffing reductions in place except for critical infrastructure and emergency repairs.

At large scale construction sites, staffing must reduce to 25 per cent or five workers on site, whichever is higher.

Authorised workers will be required to carry permits when working, and when travelling for work, from 11:59pm on Tuesday August 17. The permits need to be certified by an employer. Permits will be available on the coronavirus website before these directions come into effect. 

Permits will also need to be carried by higher education students who are on the Authorised Provider list.

Members are reminded that information is regularly updated on the Victorian Chapter webpage with alerts posted on Twitter via  @AusINSArch_VIC


The Victorian Chapter has responded to the survey on Engage Victoria to this whole of government consultation. The component on Built Environment Adaptation Action Plans is being led by DELWP. In addition, an online consultation meeting was conducted by DELWP of the Victorian Chapter’s Sustainable Architecture Forum, the Victorian Chapter President and State Manager Tuesday July 27. A record of the Institute’s responses to the questions entered on the Engage Victoria platform can be downloaded from the Institute’s Policy and Advocacy Submissions Library.

A quick link to the Institute’s response is here.