Update from Alice Hampson, National President

Dear Members,

During my Presidency, I would like to update all of the members on each meeting of National Council which meets a minimum three times a year . Since the onset of COVID-19 Council has been meeting more regularly.

On the 27 August I chaired my first National Council meeting. I report back the outcomes around three areas of particular focus.

Reintroducing the Institute’s Fee Guide

Four legal opinions were sought around the reintroduction of an Institute Fee Guide, and the findings were that the law had changed since the Institute was previously compelled to remove the Fee Guide from circulation 20 years ago. National Council resolved to:

  • That National Council endorse the publication of “Practice Note: AN02.03.100 July 2001 (Fee guide 08)” and its companion documents including “Practice Note: AN02.03.101 July 2001 (Small Projects fee guide)” to Acumen, as a valuable historical reference for members.  Timeframe: to be online before November 2020, subject to due processes
  • That National Council endorses the commissioning of independent research around the “Fee Guide” using the annual research fund into updating the current material by the end of 2021. National Council seeks that the Board identifies resources and makes them available for this resolution.

The progress of these endorsed resolutions now sits with the Board.

Significant 20th Century Heritage

The Council unanimously reaffirmed the Institute’s commitment to the #HANDSOFFANZACHALL campaign led by Past National President Clare Cousins and ACT President Shannon Battisson.

In the same context, the Council voted that the Institute continues to support for the recognition of 20th Century Buildings of Architectural Significance. The initiatives presented included ensuring all Chapters upload a register of significant 20th Century architecture on their web pages, a timeline for those to be illustrated. It was agreed that all nominations each year for Enduring Architecture Awards – if not already on the Register – are to be nominated for inclusion in the State or Territory Heritage Register where they would be automatically protected by legislation.

An EOI will be sent out in the coming weeks for a National Heritage Working Group to review and update the Institute’s Heritage Policy. The final 20th Century heritage initiative agreed was to test case seeking the listing of recent recipients of the Zelman Cowen Award in respective State and Territory statutory Heritage Registers.

Chapter Medallions

The majority of Chapters (Victoria, NSW, NT, ACT, WA and Queensland) have a ‘best of the best’ Medallion chosen from the Named Award winners. Acknowledging that the Awards program is a key part of our overall advocacy program to promote architecture, a proposal was put that every Chapter that currently does not have a Medallion would be allowed to introduce such an award.

My only lament, with my L-plate clearly displayed on my virtual chair, the Council meeting did run overtime despite my earnest timekeeping efforts. In all honesty, the confabulations  were so passionate and engrossing that I was gratified the Council granted me this indulgence. 

Yours in architecture,

Alice Hampson FRAIA