Thank you to members who have either participated in the roundtable discussions on the domestic building contracts act or alternatively sent in comments.  As many of you would know, there are a number of critical areas being examined in the state government’s review of this act and it is important to make the strongest possible argument for sound legislature in key areas such as progress payments, deposits, statutory warranties and dispute resolution.  We are also introducing the argument for contract security and defects liability period as elements of a sound domestic contract to be legislated under the act and as practised over decades through our ABIC suite of building contracts.  To further strengthen the presentation, we are also working with the Association of Consulting Architects to create a combined submission.  The Institute’s Paul Zanatta has led the Policy and Advocacy team’s preparation of a (currently 23 page) draft submission which has been reviewed by roundtable participants and will be finalised over the next few days before submission by the end of this week.  We will also offer the government the benefit of our considerable experience in this area to further assist as the changes to the Act are progressed. There is no doubt that a forthright and explanatory submission will be helpful in furthering the government’s interest in protecting the rights of the consumer as well as being in the best interests of all parties involved in domestic construction.


I also want to mention that the Chapter Awards process is now firmly underway with the Jury Briefing occurring last Thursday night and long lists currently being prepared where required in relevant categories.  The Awards Committee has worked diligently to achieve a balance within each jury from graduates to experienced jury members to previously award-winning architects.  Entries have now closed with a total of 232 submissions being made, a higher number than any other Chapter across the country.  Presentations are to occur at RMIT’s Design Hub on Saturday 23rd March and I look forward to the seeing the breadth of work being presented on the day.  Good luck to those who have submitted and I encourage as many members as possible to attend and enjoy seeing and hearing their colleagues present their recent work.


David Wagner FRAIA
President of the Victorian Chapter

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