Support for Members: NSW DBP Act and Regulations

The NSW Design and Building Practitioners (DBP) Act and Regulations are the most significant reforms in a generation. 

These are important and challenging times and the Institute is very aware of members’ concerns.

Our focus is to support you and we have been working to do this across multiple fronts.

Government engagement

The Institute is working closely with the Office of the Building Commissioner and ConstructNSW staff to assist in guiding policy on Compliance Declarations, Audit of Design Practitioners, Guidance for Regulated Designs, and other collateral.

One of the critical roles the Institute plays is as a conduit of information between government, regulators and members.

As the implementation of the DBP reforms progresses, we are maintaining an active two-way dialogue to ensure that members’ concerns are highlighted and addressed, any issues with the legislation and regulations are identified and resolved, and any unintended consequences are dealt with in a timely fashion.

Industry collaboration

The Institute is also working in conjunction with other built environment peak bodies such as Engineers Australia, ACA and Consult Australia.

This includes producing valuable resources for members such as the guide for design practitioners and engineers.

Direct member support

The Institute is also engaging one-on-one with members, fielding queries and assisting with responses to their concerns.

Our Policy & Advocacy Manager, Lisa King, is focused on representing our members in the rollout of these reforms. Lisa is dual degree qualified in both Architecture and Interior Design with over three decades’ experience in the construction industry.

I urge all of our members to connect with Lisa if you need additional support at this time

Other useful resources

While the reforms are a lot to process, they are essential to driving improved quality and safety in the built environment and better protecting our clients going forward.

Laura Cockburn
NSW Chapter President