South Australia Chapter President By-Election Nominations

The recent election of SA Chapter President Tony Giannone to 2020 National President Elect has meant the need for a by-election for the role of SA Chapter President.

Under the Constitution (clause 8.6(d)), “If the member elected as the President Elect is a Chapter President, they must vacate the Chapter Presidential role and a by-election must be held to elect a replacement Chapter President for the remainder of the term. This by-election will be held in accordance with the Regulations. When a new Chapter President is elected, the Chapter President elected as National President Elect will automatically vacate the office of Chapter President.”

You are invited to nominate or be nominated for the role of SA Chapter President for the remaining presidential term which concludes in early 2021. The elected Chapter President will represent South Australia on National Council. The Member taking office as SA Chapter President as a result of this by-election will be eligible to stand for Chapter President when the Chapter President / Council elections are held at the end of 2020.

Eligible nominees for the Chapter President role must be a Voting Member entitled to practice as an architect in South Australia.

Member Level 1, Fellows, Life Fellows, Affiliate Level 1 and Graduates are Voting Members eligible to nominate, support a candidate or vote in this by-election.


To nominate yourself or a candidate, please email with the following:

  1. The full name of the nominee
  2. The Institute member number of the nominee (if known)
  3. A platform statement, relevant experience and bio to a maximum 200 words.
    (If you are nominating another member, the nominee will provide this platform statement to the Institute separately.)

All eligible nominees will then need to secure the endorsement of five (5) Voting Members or Graduate Members. 

Photographer: Ben Liew


If you are an eligible member who wishes to support (endorse) a nominee, you must email the Institute at and provide the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. You Institute member number
  3. The full name of the nominated candidate you are supporting

The period for nominating and endorsing a candidate closes STRICTLY at 11.59pm ACST on Tuesday 1 September 2020. Please nominate as soon as you can before then to allow time for your supporters to email us and support you and for your nomination to be verified as valid.

If you need assistance with nominating a candidate for this by-election, please contact:

Australian Institute of Architects
1800 770 617