SONA 2019 Superstudio national winner

Congratulations to all participants of 2019 Superstudio for the great work produced during the competition.

Our national judging panel Parisa Izadpanahi, Francesco Mancini, Reinette Roux and Ashleigh Taylor were extremely impressed by the incredible designs adapting to our theme of ‘community’ and our national brief.

We are thrilled to announce our national and chapter winners for Superstudio 2019.

National winner

South Australia
Our Ivory Tower
designed by: Thanh Dang, Emmeline Yip,  Yi (Zoe) Zheng, Adelaide University.

Chapter winners

How much of your day do you give to…
designed by: Jessica Howard, William Baker, Masood Saikal, University of Canberra.

Coal on our Hands
designed by: Brianna Lewis, Lochlan Southgate, Amira Abdul Latif, University of Newcastle.

Submission coming soon
designed by: Kristian Mortlock, Yunus Surtie and Garry Villar, Charles Darwin University.

Considering the unconsidered
designed by: Billy Aston, Connor McBeath, Riley Lehmann, University of Queensland.

The Cubby
designed by: Emily Hunt, Nina Annand, Martyna Michalska, University of Tasmania.

The Futurch
designed by: Carmen McDonald-Doh, Danielle Pozzebon, Jasmine Choucair, Monash University.

The Inbetween Moments
designed by: Zoe Yeoh, Li Ping Bong, Gabriel De Cotta, Curtin University.


Thank you to the dedicated SONA Vice President for Competitions and Events, Leanne Haidar and our SONA representatives for the wonderful work they did. With the tremendous support from universities, mentors and judges it was a very successful event.

Thank you also to our creative directors Parisa Izadpanahi, Francesco Mancini, Reinette Roux and Ashleigh Taylor for their thought-provoking brief based on the theme ‘community’.