Sign up to become a member of the Built Environment Channel for free and they will donate $500 to the Institute’s Foundation

For the next two months the Built Environment Channel are covering the cost of joint donations to the Institute's Foundation

There are only two months to help reach the fundraising goal of $35,000, your practice can contribute $500 plus without paying for a thing. 

The Built Environment Channel is supporting the Institute’s Foundation by donating $500 for new eligible medium to large practices that signs up as a Built Environment Channel member from 6 September until 31 October.

“For each Studio that signs up as a member of the Built Environment Channel before October 31st, we will donate $500 to the Institute’s Foundation,” says Andrew Stefanou, CEO of Built Environment Channel. 

“This means that your studio’s Built Environment Channel membership could provide the Institute’s foundation with a large amount of support if you have multiple studios. For example, if your practice has four studios you will be helping the foundation to receive a $2000 donation.

Each donation made will be listed on the Foundation and Institute website as a joint contribution from the Built Environment Channel and your Practice. The funds raised will support the special projects and initiatives delivered by the Foundation in 2022.

Four points to help you learn more about the opportunity below:

1. Why sign up as a Built Environment Channel Member? 

It’s FREE and SUPPORTS THE INSTITUTE!  There is absolutely no cost to members for the service. You will receive a premium screen which broadcasts an audio-free combination of your work, inspiring examples of local and global design and important industry news and events. All of this is at no cost to you.

With COVID related lockdowns in play across the country, more than ever we need connection.

We realise that you may not be in the office right now, so the Built Environment Channel will honour every membership taken up over the next two months for eligible firms, with a $500 donation to the Institute’s Foundation, even if you can’t install your screen immediately. By planning ahead to lock in your membership and screens you will be able to gain the benefits as demonstrated in the video below: 

2. What content is shown on the network?

  • 30% Practice Content
  • 25% Industry Updates and Events
  • 25% Design Inspiration
  • 20% Product Information
3. Join the club of recognised brands

Join prominent firms from around the country when you become a member of Built Environment Channel .

4. About the Institute’s Foundation:

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Australian Institute of Architects, with 100% of funds received committed to supporting, fostering and promoting philanthropic initiatives across the architectural landscape that benefit the Australian community and promote and celebrate Australian architecture.