Parliamentary committee rubbers stamps Anzac Hall demolition

Last week the Public Works Committee (PWC) of Federal Parliament recommended approval of the Government’s plan to demolish Anzac Hall.
While the decision is unsurprising, it is extremely disappointing as the Committee has failed to heed extensive evidence outlining serious concerns about the project and its adverse heritage impact presented by members of the community, experts and the Government’s own advisers.
The dissenting report, however, does recognise this and proposes “… the Government should consult further on this issue and consider alternative approaches that do not involve the complete demolition of the existing Anzac Hall.”
With none of previous 60 projects considered by the PWC having a dissenting report, this is a significant “win” for the #handsoffanzachall campaign. The Institute is delighted that Labor members Mr Dave Smith MP and Mr Tony Zappia MP have listened to the community and expert advice and are now calling for the retention of Anzac Hall in the dissenting report.
However, Past National President and #handsoffAnzacHall campaign spokesperson Clare Cousins said “it remains extremely disappointing that the current Coalition Government is hell-bent on ignoring all advice about this building, doesn’t care about the memories and stories it contains, and simply wants it pulled down no matter the cost.”
You can read our full media release here and view the media coverage below:
The fight to #saveAnzacHall isn’t over yet. The plan to demolish Anzac Hall still needs approval from the National Capital Authority
The National Capital Authority has the power to reject the development on environment and planning grounds. It has pledged to consult over the project.
We look forward to the National Capital Authority promised consultation and the opportunity it provides to right the evident wrongs in the approval process to date. We will continue to advocate for the project to be rethought and for ANZAC Hall to be saved from demolition.
Continue to keep up to date with the campaign and sign the petition to save Anzac Hall here.