NSW Policy and Advocacy Update – November 2021

This month has seen the Further inquiry into the regulation of building standards take place at Parliament House.  We welcomed the opportunity to appear before the Public Accountability Committee to provide evidence based on our submission to the Inquiry. 

To read the full text of our most recent submission to the Inquiry click here

Here at the Chapter, our continued focus is responding to our members’ queries regarding the NSW Building Reforms.  We have heard from many members who have, due to current eligibility requirements, been unable to register to work under the Act and Regulation.  The Institute does not support the requirement for Architects to have recent and relevant practical experience in the specific building classes of Class 2, 3, 9a and 9c in order to be eligible to be registered. This requirement has caused adverse outcomes and we have worked constructively with the policy team in government to reach a position which both protects consumers but does not restrict the trade of registered architects. We have recently received confirmation from the Office of the Building Commissioner and the Fair Trading policy team that our proposed changes will be taken up and eagerly await the Minister’s final approval of these changes.  We will provide an update to our members as soon as this approval has been received.

Also this month, we have compiled and filmed a dedicated video session with accompanying documents, including an exemplar Compliance Declaration Form, to assist our members transition to this new process.  The Compliance Declaration Toolkit will be available by the end of this month for members to view and download from our dedicated NSW Building Reforms webpage.

To view our NSW Building Reforms click here

In addition to the NSW Building Reforms, we can advise the Design and Place SEPP will now be released for public exhibition in mid-December with submissions due in February 2022.  We will provide links to the draft SEPP and information on how you can provide input in our next update.

The Housing SEPP has just been released.  To view click here

Your feedback on the impact of the new SEPP is welcome.  Contact me on the email below.

Our collaboration with other peak bodies and organisations such as Engineers Australia, ACA, PIA and AILA continues and we remain available for all members to reach out to us with any queries or concerns.

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