New lockdown restrictions impacting construction in NSW

All members are alerted that new restrictions came into effect at 12.01am today for construction sites in Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour. 

Construction activity paused 

Construction in these areas is not to be carried out unless the work is urgently required for any of the following reasons:

  • ensuring the safety or security of the construction site 
  • dealing with environmental risks 
  • to maintain and ensure the integrity of critical plant, equipment or assets, including partially completed works, that would otherwise deteriorate 
  • receiving deliveries of supplies that would otherwise deteriorate 
  • maintaining public utilities 
  • ensuring the safe operation of existing transport infrastructure 
  • by or on behalf of NSW Health in response to the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • because of an emergency. 
Residential renovations, alterations and additions 

All renovations or other works at a place of residence to make alterations or additions are not allowed unless they are necessary for the safety or security of the site. 

This means that the site of any existing renovations can be made safe and secure, but then all work must stop. 

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Impacts of restrictions for ABIC administration 

For information re potential impacts of these lockdown restrictions on administration of ABIC contracts,  such as extensions of time and cost claims, we recommend you refer to our Acumen notes on the topic. 


Please note that that the Institute cannot provide any further advice beyond that provided in the Acumen article. We recommend seeking professional advice should you require advice specific to an individual contract.