Is your practice involved in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs for Uni students?

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Work Integrated Learning (WIL): The architecture profession’s view

Invitation to participate in a PhD research study

This research seeks to investigate how Work Integrated Learning (WIL) operates within the Australasian architecture profession. In particular, it seeks to establish an understanding of how architecture practitioners view the role of WIL both within the profession and the formal education process of architecture students. Currently there is a good level of information regarding how the higher education sector perceives the role of WIL in an architecture student’s education; but there is no understanding of how practitioners and the profession in general perceive the role, value, benefits and risks of WIL.

The project will examine contemporary architectural practice to identify changed knowledge needs in practice, the views of practitioners on Work Integrated Learning programs, and their expectations for graduate skills.

Through this process it is expected that a shared understanding of the professions’ view of WIL can be established. Such an understanding (currently lacking) will inform the development of an optimal model for WIL within architecture programs in the higher education sector.

If you are a practitioner involved with work integrated learning programs for architecture students I would love to hear from you! This survey is the first of the three-cycle iterative survey process. Each survey (3 in total) will take approximately 15 minutes to complete online via this link or QR code.

This study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 1800000704).