From the National President

Over the next month, Sydney Opera House plays host to a couple of significant events for the profession.

On 25 October, the Architecture and Design Symposium brings together exceptional architects, designers and artists from Denmark and Australia for a meeting of minds like no other.

From Denmark: Jan Utzon (Utzon Architects), Mette Kyne Frandsen (Henning Larson), Johannes Molander Pedersen and Morten Rask Gregersen (NORD Architects), Dan Stubbergaard (COBE), and Jakob Fenger and Nikolaj Thomas Heltoft (Superflex).

From Australia: Richard Johnson (Johnson Pilton Walker), Camilla Block (Durbach Block Jaggers), Gerard Reinmuth (Terroir), John Choi (CHROFI), Matthew Bennett (Bennett and Trimble) and Rachel Healy (City of Sydney).

Each speaker will discuss the contemporary role of architecture and design in shaping our collective cultural imaginations and the cities in which they thrive. Drawing on ambitions for the future of the Opera House and its rich history, this symposium examines projects and approaches across two cultures of design and architecture that address the contemporary contexts surrounding our renewed cultural investment in the city

Anthony Burke Head of School, Architecture at UTS curates the event. You will, of course, know him as part of the creative team behind the 2012 Venice Biennale exhibition Formations. Anthony has conceived of a truly unique event for the profession.  I am really looking forward to attending. If you are able to get to Sydney, I recommend you come along. Visit Sydney Opera House website for details.

Also at the Opera House, taking place two weeks later on Thursday 7 November, is our own National Architecture Awards ceremony for 2013. This glittering affair is the night of nights for the profession – a great chance to celebrate with friends and colleagues what Australian architecture can and does achieve. More information about the event here. Again, I hope very much to see you there. In the meantime, you might want to peruse the image gallery to see the shortlisted projects.

Kinds regards,


Paul Berkemeier
National President