Dear Heads of Schools

We are reaching out to you on behalf of the Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA); the national student body of the Australian Institute of Architects. 

At SONA we are passionate about empowering students to find agency within their education and to work collectively with both industry and academia in bettering our architectural community.    

As a student body, one of our key roles is to advocate for the advancement of student needs and education. In 2020 SONA has identified six key areas of importance in relation to the wellbeing of students and the quality of their education. We would like to learn more about how your school is demonstrating your commitment to these areas. 

We are inviting all Australian schools of architecture to participate in this survey by providing their faculty’s response to each of following six issues, for the benefit of both current and future students.

National SONA President, Leanne Haidar


How have you, as a faculty of the built environment, adjusted the delivery of your education throughout the shift to digital learning to ensure students continue to receive a quality education that is fair and equitable?


What are you as a faculty of the built environment doing to ensure students are equipped to sustain and improve the environment for future generations?  

Work / Life Balance

What are you doing as a faculty of the built environment to promote a healthy work-life
balance at university and for the workplace?

Student Engagement

To what extent are students engaged with or provided the opportunity to be involved in
decisions that impact their learning and the quality of their education?

Mental health + Wellbeing

What are you doing as a faculty of the built environment to address issues of mental health specifically within your faculty?


What are you doing to teach culturally sensitive practices in your design school?

Responses (no more than 150 words) will be circulated to students via publication on the SONA website and through social media channels.   

We hope that your faculty will consider participating in this initiative which we believe will further strengthen a culture of transparency and open communication between students, educators and the architectural community. 

If you have any questions about this survey or how we plan to use the results, please don’t hesitate to contact me.   

Kind regards,                       

Leanne Haidar

National SONA President