We are pleased to present an introductory course guiding you through the intent, obligations and process of new compliance documentation requirements for practitioners engaging with Class 2 builds in New South Wales.
The Institute has created this program as a proactive response to changes introduced on 1 July 2021 by the NSW Office of Fair Trading under the Design and Building Practitioners Act and Regulation seek both to restore consumer confidence in apartment construction, and to safeguard practitioners by improving compliance documentation and declaration practices.
The 1 CPD point course is available to access free for members as informal CPD and $49 for formal CPD (Non Members $74 formal and informal) Follow the booking links below:
Please note that the exemplar Compliance Declaration used in this Toolkit is a new iteration provided by the Office of Fair Trading. The document is due to be released shortly.
The Institute acknowledges the many hours and extensive research conducted by our Expert Member Working Group in the compilation of this resource. Many thanks to Laura Cockburn, Walter Brindle, Robert Graham and Craig Burns.