Queensland Emerging Architect Prize winner, Ellen Buttrose, has been visiting local schools to share a presentation on her journey to becoming an architect and spoke on topics such as commercial and sustainable design. 

Here are two fantastic report from some of the teachers and schools involved in the visits. 

“On Friday 11th June our year 11 and 12 Design students had the very exciting opportunity to meet Ellen Buttrose, the winner of the Queensland Emerging Architect Award.

Ellen spent the day with staff and students delivering a valuable presentation which highlighted her journey into architecture and covered Unit topics on Commercial and Sustainable Design.

Between sessions, we had collaborative discussions on practical design exercises and Industry pathways for students while also reviewing current and past assessment items. In addition, teachers were able to showcase some outstanding student work for feedback from Ellen, which was received with positive reassurance and acknowledgement. 

Students worked together on a great hand on practical exercise and developed a mood board from a box of material samples. Each session was then concluded with some Q and A and thank-you presentation.

In Summary, we found this session extremely valuable and for the students to hear Ellen’s story as a Cairns local very inspiring and refreshing. Myself and other staff continued to talk about the positive impact of the visit well after school finished for the day and we cannot wait to see the creative energy rub off on the students.”  

– David Mayes

“Ellen discussed the Architecture profession, how to become an Architect as well as similar professions in the design industry.

It was great to see images of projects that Ellen has worked on and it was really interesting to see built examples of Tiny Houses/Structures and Emergency Accommodation which tied in nicely to the unit of work the Year 10’s just finished.

Ellen lead an activity at the end which asked “If 50% of Cairns was wiped out in an natural event, and they Council had to set up emergency housing at GSHS, where would it go?”

The students participated well and there was thoughtful discussions about where certain facilities should be placed in the school, and we also discussed what facilities were already present which allowed the school to be a great site in such an emergency.

Overall, the students enjoyed their time and the presentation.”

– Cassy King, Gordonvale State High School