4th Annual Life-Fellows and Fellows Lunch

Photography by Flynn Graham, Wildkinds Studio

The 4th Annual Queensland Life-Fellows and Fellows Lunch was held this Tuesday 2nd of August. 

Each year this event brings together our most respected members in a collegiate atmosphere to discuss the state of architecture, our own community’s and the industry and to reacquaint old friends.  It is in my experience one of the best things that occurs in the Institute’s Queensland calendar, as a celebration in part of those who have provided the Institute and its members the greatest service.

This year, like all previous years, was a great success. Whilst we missed Mark Jones as our outgoing President we did have incoming President Amy Degenhart present (Read Amy’s welcome message to members).  Amy was celebrated with an informal presentation of the chains of office by Alice Hampson and the presentation of her “President’s Pin”.  Amy’s simple but powerful message for members was the hope “she would do us proud”.  No one doubts she will.  

Mark did provide a message for members (which was somehow missed on the day) but it’s tenor was as follows:

“I wish to thank all members including the AIA Fellows and Life Fellows for the huge level of goodwill extended to me upon assuming the Presidency, and then for the vast kindness upon the news of my health challenge. I really do not think that in any other professional body, such personal and heartfelt compassion would be so genuine and widespread.” 

Dr Mark Jones


In Mark’s absence we celebrated his father (Derek Jones) with the traditional ‘badge’ for all.  (The pins or badges are donated each year, with previous badge subjects having been gold medallists, 90th celebration logo’s, life fellows and advocates for architecture) 

A reminder of Derek’s fine service as a Life Fellow was read for those in attendance.   Derek’s service is perhaps best summarised by this quote.  

“Derek (Jones) is an eminent member of the profession, part of the proud tradition of public sector architects in Queensland, committed to the public good, and to preserving and improving our built environment.”

(Derek Jones Life Fellow citation)


Our celebration also reflected on those members (life fellows and fellows) we have lost in the last 12 months.  The names on the list included; Janet Conrad, Wendy Lovelace, Ron Purssey and Michael Cullinan.

Lastly, this year’s event seemed unusual in that we had nearly a dozen past (or current) presidents’ present.  (Nearly one in 5 attendees).  This too was celebrated with a commemorative T-shirt donated anonymously on the day.


Artist revealed  

One of the highlights each year is the invitation artwork for the event. This year’s invitation was a cheeky take on a previous Institute logo, substituting the Queensland Cane Toad as the animals flanking a particularly Queensland Coat of Arms.  (Selected no doubt because the Toad is unable move backwards easily, and virtually nothing can eliminate it, no matter the odds)  It was produced under the non-deplume “Rhinella marina”.  The artist being unknown to most members, feverish research was undertaken by the academics present.  At first platforms like the Queensland Board of Architects role and Institute membership lists were used, only for one of our greater scholars to reveal that “Rhinella marina” is in fact the Latin name for the aforementioned Cane Toad.  Eventually it was revealed that the artist (draftsperson as is preferred in this case) was in fact our own Russell Hall.  When approached for comment Russell was both proud and unapologetic.  He believes this take on the logo is pitched perfectly for the Queensland members, it is steeped in history yet does not allow us to take ourselves too seriously.  Russell is now convinced we should start a petition to have our own crest here in Queensland, based on “Rhinella marina’s” sterling work.  Watch this space!

As part of the tradition, we have now had an original artwork, (provided by a life fellow or fellow) developed each year as the invitation to this much loved event (Four so far; Alice Hampson, Roger Mainwood, Paul Curran and Russell Hall).  Each year the outgoing “artist laureate” nominates the incoming.  No one can say who Russell has nominated for our fifth annual lunch invitation but rumour has it that Fred Iezzi knows.  



Thank you to past National Presidents Alice Hampson and Richard Kirk, as well as Anna Svensdotter and all Institute staff involved, for their assistance in making this event happen. A special thanks to Damon Amos and the staff at Detour as our hosts for the fourth year in a row.  The food and service was impeccable.  And to Flynn Graham of Wildkinds studio for capturing the spirit of the event in another great set of photographs.  


Finally, looking forward, we would like to wish Richard Kirk all the best as he takes on the role of sole organiser in future years, for this great event.



Past President Michael Lavery FRAIA



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