Koorie Heritage Trust

The Koorie Heritage Trust is an organisation based in Melbourne that works to raise awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity of Indigenous Australians, particularly in Victoria. They offer cultural resources including programs, training, family history and art services. The Koorie Heritage Trust building includes a public collection dedicated to Indigenous art and culture that includes artefacts, pictures and photographs.

Indigenous Cultural Rights and Engagement Principles

This document is the First Nations cultural rights and engagement policy for the National Museum Australia. This policy recognises Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) rights. The document sets out how the Museum engages with First Nations peoples about these rights in the course of Museum activities, including acquisitions, exhibitions, research, education and other programs.

Gunaikurnai Whole-of-Country Plan

This Whole-of-Country Plan is a written document developed by Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation, with the assistance of Native Title Services Victoria. The Whole of Country Plan document aims to bring together and add to the discussions that Gunaikurnai people have had during their fight for Native Title, and paint a picture of how they are now going to move forward. The document features culture, Country, a strategic framework, plan implementation and measuring progress.

Cape York Partnership Offices

Updated description. Cape York Partnership Offices are a built project. Completed in 2015, the Offices are built on a site important to the Cairns community and designs aimed to respect shared heritage.

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