Indigenous Planning & Design Principles

Indigenous Planning and Design Principles were developed by the University of Manitoba collaboratively under the guidance of an Indigenous advisory committee and subcommittee. The principles were established to guide planning and design on all university lands and campuses. These principles are rooted in interdependence, an Indigenous way of being and recognises that all components of a place are linked in complex ways.

Auckland Design Manual, Māori Design Hub

The Māori Design Hub is an online space on the Auckland Design Manual website that provides insights, resources and examples of Māori design practice. The Hub exists as a resource to ensure the equity, social, cultural and physical wellbeing of Māori Housing in Tāmaki Makaurau. It features Māori housing policies, design principles, strategies and toolkits.

Te Ara Kotahi (Our Māori Strategy)

Te Ara Kotahi (our Māori Strategy) is a written document for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. The document provides strategic direction on how Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency plans to work with and respond to Māori as the Crown’s Treaty partner. The purpose is to work with Māori to build strong, meaningful and enduring relationships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. The Strategy document includes their objectives, their vision and an action plan.

Our Voices II: The DE-colonial Project

Our Voices II: the DE-colonial Project is a book published by ORO Editions in 2021. The book showcases decolonizing projects which work to de-stable and disquiet colonial-built environments. It discusses the disregard and appropriation of Indigenous places, values and identities and how Indigenous people continue to be gentrified out of places and discussions they belong.

UMCycle Bike Kiosk

UMCycle Bike Kiosk and Cycle Plaza opened in 2017 and is located at the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus, Canada. The built project forms an active transport hub and serves as a campus landmark, linking to The Great Trail. The UMCycle Bike Kiosk was also the first project at the university to incorporate the Indigenous Planning and Design Principles.

Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture

Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture is a book published by ORO Editions in 2018. The book offers multiple indigenous perspectives on architecture and design theory and practice. Indigenous authors explore the making and keeping of places and spaces which are informed by indigenous values and identities. This indigenous expertise combines both architecture and design with a frame of reference that roots this architecture in the indigenous places in which it sits.

International Indigenous Design Charter

The International Indigenous Design Charter is an open-source living document for the best practice protocols when working with Indigenous knowledge and material in commercial design practice. The International Indigenous Design Charter takes into consideration the needs of the diverse design communities and cultures globally. It was launched internationally in 2017 and its official Australian launch was in 2018.

National Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of the American Indian was established as part of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, USA. The building serves as an educational space for Native Americans to gather, celebrate and share their culture. The design of the building is representative of Native American culture and was done in collaboration with Elders of North and South American tribes.

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