Jefa Greenaway (Wailwan _ Kamilaroi), Architect, Academic and Activist

Audio-visual of interview with Indigenous Architect Jefa Greenaway. Greenaway discusses his design approaches to embedding and weaving Aboriginal voice into contemporary design, landscape and built environment. He further discusses indigenising spaces, connecting to Country and amplifying culture within the built environment.

Transformations: Gendered Indigeneity

An Audio-visual discussing the way Indigeneity and Gender intersect and advocacy groups and how they work alongside First Nations Peoples. This discussion takes place between Sarah Lynn Rees (Palawa) and Carroll Go-Sam (Dyirbal bama) at Melbourne School of Design.

Not an Expert: A discussion about Cultural Authority and collaboration

Not an Expert is video recorded online discussion about Cultural Authority and collaboration with Danièle Hromek and Francoise Lane, convened by Sarah Lynn Rees as part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Festival. The discussion focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Authority in the built environment, acknowledging Indigenous and Western views are not aligned within the architectural process. It further discusses Cultural Authority in practice and within communities.

Living with Country: Kevin O’Brien on architecture

Living with Country is an audio recording of an ABC Listen conversation with Indigenous Architect, Kevin O’Brien. There is discussion on Australian architecture and how it intersects poorly with Country. The discussion focuses on finding Country, designing with Country and approaching architecture with an understanding of history and culture.

Living with Country: Beau de Belle on artefacts

An audio recording of an ABC Listen conversation with Gamilaraay man and Architect, Beau De Belle. The conversation Living with Country discusses reparation and cultural custodianship within Australia. There is focus on culturally significant objects and artefacts, their appropriation and Indigenous controlled spaces.

Jefa Greenaway – Placemaking with the Koorie Heritage Trust

Audio-visual of Indigenous Architect Jefa Greenaway discussing the incorporation of Indigenous placemaking principles into design. It further discusses how to give voice and agency to Indigenous considerations as it relates to the built environment.

Planning Connects 2019: Designing with Country

Planning Connects is a video recorded webinar from 2019 that explores Designing with Country. The presenters are Principal Architect for GNSW Dillon Kombumerri and Spatial Designer Daniele Hromek.

Kevin O’Brien – Finding Country

An Audio-visual of Finding Country, a lecture at the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning given by Kevin O’Brien. The lecture explores approaching architecture, design and the built environment by first finding Country through an Aboriginal perception of space.

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