Design of Protective Coatings to AS/NZS 2312.1

Prepare and analyse protective coatings design solutions against project brief and National Construction Code (NCC) performance requirements to AS/NZS 2312.1. Identify the importance of utilising specialist protective coatings consultants throughout the design and constructions process. Understand correctly specifying the protective coatings requirements to AS/NZS 2312.1 to ensure appropriate corrosion protection for the project design.

Structural Steel Fire Protection

Understanding passive fire protection through the use of intumescent paints. An overview for engineers and architects.

AS 2312.1: 2014

Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings.

Breathable Coating Systems

This CPD presentation will help you understand the properties that are indicative of breathable coatings and the importance of using a breathable coating system to help maintain the integrity of a building or structure through avoiding trapped moisture. It will also touch on the key features and benefits plus highlight sustainability as a principle of action.

Environmentally Responsible Coatings

In this CPD you will learn the relationship between paint coatings , building design, green building standards, building life cycles, and materials that make up paint and their impact on compliance.
– Dulux

Colour and Its Practical Application

Understanding the importance of colour in design considerations against the values of physical, environmental, and cultural contexts, and in accordance with relevant legislation codes and industry standards.
– Dulux

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