Discover a New Way of Plumbing

Most projects are designed around gravity for wastewater drainage. When one is faced with situations where water simply can’t flow downhill, there are clever products which pump it away.
– Saniflo

Sustainable Tapware Manufacturing

A journey into the detailed world of Sustainable Tapware Manufacturing. We present insight into a vertically integrated manufacturing process of tapware and accessories manufactured entirely in Australia the right way. The Australian Institute of Architects approved Sussex CPD course provides information and understanding of the manufacturing process and finishes that will allow you to specify tapware and accessories for your projects.
– Sussex Taps

An Introduction to Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Learn the basics of Acrylic Solid Surfaces, from composition to the design capabilities. With seamless, thermoformable features of Acrylic Solid Surfaces, shape creation and design has never looked so good.
– Laminex

An Introduction to High Pressure Laminates

Learn the basics of High Pressure Laminate; including how it is made, the different grades, and the latest technologies that have enhanced the material beyond benchtop applications.
– Laminex

Slips & Trips

Our presentation is aimed to educate and aid specifiers and designers on issues faced when considering slips & trips when designing buildings. The focus in this presentation is slips and falls and the preventive measures that should be considered in the design stages. We detail the testing methods and guidelines set out by Standards Australia to meet duty of care requirements, providing you the knowledge to get your project specifications right the first time.
– Altro

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