Discover a New Way of Plumbing

Most projects are designed around gravity for wastewater drainage. When one is faced with situations where water simply can’t flow downhill, there are clever products which pump it away.
– Saniflo

Wet Area Waterproofing

This CPD will explain the importance of structural design considerations and potential risks of wet area waterproofing in design and construction. You will learn how to identify the correct wet area waterproofing design response through appropriate material selection and specification.
– Dulux / Fosroc

Sustainable Tapware Manufacturing

A journey into the detailed world of Sustainable Tapware Manufacturing. We present insight into a vertically integrated manufacturing process of tapware and accessories manufactured entirely in Australia the right way. The Australian Institute of Architects approved Sussex CPD course provides information and understanding of the manufacturing process and finishes that will allow you to specify tapware and accessories for your projects.
– Sussex Taps

Internal Wet Area Waterproofing… 2.5 times more expensive than it should be

Our team will unpack and identify the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code associated with the design and specification of internal wet area waterproofing. Participants will be able to explain key considerations related to material selection and describe the critical clauses within AS 3740:2021 for internal wet area waterproofing to ensure that regulatory requirements are satisfied.
– Tremco

Accessible Bathroom Design

Looking to upskill on AS1428.1-compliant accessible bathroom design? We’ll highlight key elements of the code, identify common mistakes made by specifiers and let you know what changes AS1428.1-2021 will bring.
– RBA Group

Specifying for Commercial Washrooms

Have questions about what material to use, standard compliance, best maintenance practice, support offered for tender documentations etc. when designing and Specifying for Commercial Washrooms? This 1 hour session will provide answers to as many as these question regarding commercial washroom solutions.
– Aqualoo

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