Steel Design & Detailing for Long Term Protection

Provides an explanation of the preferred elements of steel design resulting the longest life expectancy for the structure, how design components can cause early onset of corrosion in steel structures, how to properly document and reference steel and identify defects in fabricated steel structures.
– Dulux

Waterproofing and Protective Coatings for Concrete Structures

The Waterproofing and Protective Coatings CPD will look at the importance of waterproofing and protective coatings applied to reinforced concrete structures, including critical details and practical solutions for below grade, substrate preparation, falls and drainage, joints and abrasion resistance.
– Tremco

Coating Enhancement and Maintenance of Natural Timber

The beauty of Natural Timber. A CPD that allows participants to understand the difference between stains, oils and clears, as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements and design considerations of natural timber.
– Dulux

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