Sydney Water Building Plan Approval Processes – In Scope & Out of Scope

Comprehensive and free presentation to provide you with a thorough understanding of Sydney Water requirements for building adjacent to and over their assets, standard assets (in scope) and more complex assets (out of scope). Essential information for all architects, as part of your planning stage, and in the construction phase.
– MGP Building & Infrastructure Services

Controlling Environmental Noise “Designing noise barriers to achieve acoustic privacy”

Explain the adverse impacts of environmental noise. Describe methods of mitigating environmental noise during the pre-design, design, and construction stages of a project. Identify the different types of noise barriers and their respective applications for noise control. Evaluate the key design considerations in implementing noise barriers. Select appropriate noise barrier materials to suit specific project requirements.
– Modular Walls

Understanding Section J NCC 2022 – Windows & Doors

Provide an understanding of Section J NCC 2022 and its implications on Window & Door selections. What are the impacts of different products on overall Facade Performance and how they may affect overall building design. The Section J requirements within NCC 2022 have been designed to ensure more energy efficient Façade Systems are required. With an approximate improvement of 30% in performance stringency, it is imperative we select appropriate window and doors systems.
– Alspec

Importance of Passive Fire Protection

The course provides an introduction to fire compartmentation techniques and the importance of using passive firestopping in conjunction to active fire control measures, covering common applications requiring passive firestopping.
– Hilti

Cladding Rectification Done Right

Cladding rectification is a complex process. Learn how to identify buildings in need of rectification, how each state is managing this process, and products that are safe to use as replacements.
– Fairview

Coating Enhancement and Maintenance of Natural Timber

The beauty of Natural Timber. A CPD that allows participants to understand the difference between stains, oils and clears, as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements and design considerations of natural timber.
– Dulux

Render Finishing Systems

A CPD that breaks down the differences between Paint, Render, Flexible Acrylic Texture and Membrane finishes. Allows participants to correctly design and specify systems and identify the risk associated with design under relevant legislation and building codes.
– Dulux

Below Ground Waterproofing

In this CPD you will be able to identify the importance of below ground waterproofing in structural design, planning and construction and correctly specify appropriate materials to meet a design brief.

– Dulux/Fosroc

Concrete Floor Treatments & Coatings

In this CPD you will learn about the importance of structural design considerations and the potential risks for concrete flooring treatments and coatings across planning, development and construction.
– Dulux / Fosroc

Opening the Blinds on Section J and Beyond

Window coverings play a crucial role in ensuring that commercial buildings are sustainable. The most recent update to NCC 2019 reflects this fact. This session will explore NCC 2019 Section J and will provide an understanding of window covering options and how to evaluate them for design, functionality and energy efficiency.
– Verosol

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