Bung Tooth | Khab Architects

Bungalows are a classic suburban Adelaide home with a lot to offer but the rear is rarely as good as the front.

This project was no exception and made worse by the sunless, south facing aspect – rear living spaces that were dark and cold for a great deal of the year.

Provided Khab could come up with a clever way to capture northern sunlight, the bungalow would be happily retained for it’s charming qualities and the sustainable value of its re-use.

A Saw Tooth roof extension was the solution to catch sunlight. The high level windows reach up to scoop sunlight over the bunglow, feeding sunshine into new living spaces.

How does the Saw Tooth – an icon of industry, pair with an iconic Bungalow? The Bung Tooth… This is the moment where Kevin McCloud says “I’m just not sure it’s going to work!”

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