Golden Breed Noosa | Andrew Bock Architecture

Golden Breed has had a long connection with Noosa and has provided much to its surfing community over those years. The new flagship HQ is prominently located at the southern gateway to Noosa Heads’ tourist zone, so it was important to reflect the vision of a quality landmark that instantly communicated the brand ethos.

Architecturally, it displays a balance of simplicity and robust expression. Contemporary planning and pragmatism mixed with subtle references to old Noosa coastal Queenslander architecture and nearby Halse Lodge create a timeless blend.

The building form contributes positively to its context through its stepped and scaled form and visual excitement preserving four majestic mature trees whilst providing efficient retail access, a welcoming entry deck, and a separate apartment with private roof deck over.

Golden Breed Noosa seamlessly weaves aesthetics, history, and practicality and invites visitors to experience a reinterpreted lost Noosa, where tradition and modernity coexist.

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