Maryborough Forge and Advanced Manufacturing Facility | KIRK

The Maryborough Forge and Advanced Manufacturing Facility is a proprietary, highly functional design that protects and enhances the technically complex production process within the manufacturing warehouse. The constrained site of this advanced manufacturing facility in rural Queensland was poised to access an existing specialised heavy engineering skilled workforce. Along with a highly technical and advanced warehouse, the entire environment needed to be enticing to skilled workers who would spend most their day in such a remote location. A key component of our strategy was to establish an office that stands as a biophilic retreat from the demanding manufacturing processes. With Hyne Timbers (Xlam) operating just 250m down the road, it was a natural choice to use locally produced Mass Engineered Timber (MET) from Australian softwood plantations. We see this exciting project as part of the evolution in a new typology in industrial and warehousing MET projects.

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