Trilogy House | p.s.architecture

Trilogy House sits on the edge of Pittwater looking north up the bay. Located on a steep populated slope, surrounding residences are ever expanding. Designed by Peter Muller in the early ‘60’s and added to by Glenn Murcutt in the ‘90’s, the pedigree was already daunting.

Subsequent to meetings with Mr Muller, both the clients and architects elected to contribute a chapter to the story.

Additions and modifications to this project were undertaken with reference to the past and a contribution to the future. The mindset in architecture needs to shift to answer issues of waste, energy, recycling, capacity and humanity. Projects that capture a responsible architectural outcome will re–enforce the means by which architecture can re–shape the world– management of resources can no longer be left to those who most profit, it should be critiqued by those who care.

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