Power People Installation by Tristan Kerr | Studio Tristan Kerr

Power People is a site-specific mural that pays homage to the origins of the location. A visual journey through time, starting with the post-war era of manufacturing machinery and transitioning into the vibrant present-day life of Hindley Street, now a thriving hub for hospitality and entertainment.

The mural unfolds across two facades, with contrasting geometric shapes that capture the essence of these two distinct eras. The convergence of these shapes symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of the past and present. Architectural lighting has been strategically employed, drawing inspiration from the glow of neon signage synonymous with the surrounding night-time precinct.

The result is a dynamic piece of art that encapsulates the evolution of the site, narrating the story of its transformation from an industrial past to a contemporary hotspot.

JamFactory Tarnanthi: Ernabella Arts Exhibition | Grieve Gillett Architects

In celebration of 20 years of ceramics at Ernabella Arts, GGA co-created with JamFactory and the artists an exhibition of significant artworks, drawing on the relationship between the artwork, community and landscape. Qualities and characteristics of both the built and natural environment are brought to the gallery space, where the artists feel as though a piece of their home has been brought to the gallery, and that visitors have a sense of being transported to Pukatja. Central to the exhibition space is the corrugated iron display plinth, its sweeping curves referencing the aerial view of the landscape. Set against a backdrop of the dramatic landscape, the ceramic pieces rest on a bed of ochre-coloured dirt, brought in from Pukatja. Resourceful, like the artists themselves, the low-impact exhibition made use of reusable and recyclable materials that are rooted in a sense of place.

Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution Exhibition | Grieve Gillett Architects

The design of the exhibition Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution reflects the passion of the artists and their love and their beliefs, as encapsulated by their artwork.

The design is unashamedly bold and stimulating and pays homage to Frida and Diego’s life in art and in the artistic community they constructed around themselves. As designers, our aim is to reflect the story of the artists by means of a carefully considered exhibition design and to enrich the connection between an artist’s works – in this instance, Frida and Diego and some of their contemporaries – their story, the viewer and the space.

With no Australian gallery owning works by either Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera, this momentous exhibition offered Australian audiences access for the first time to such a comprehensive collection of paintings, photographs, clothing and illustrations by Frida, Diego and other Mexican modernists.

60 King William Street | Cox Architecture

This landmark CBD development is an all-in-one hub for tenants in a contemporary workplace environment complemented by an array of boutique retail and refined food & beverage offerings.
In a seamless fusion of podium and tower, 60KW is attuned to its context, fostering urban connections, celebrating our cities’ premier commercial boulevard and bestowing a pinnacle of quality-built form for the city of Adelaide.
This project marks a highly successful collaboration with our client Charter Hall, standing as a benchmark for the future of urban renewal in mixed-used developments.

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