Three Springs Residential Gallery | KGA Architecture

Three Springs Residential Gallery | KGA Architecture | Photographer: John Gollings

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Three Springs Residential Gallery | KGA Architecture

Traditional Land Owners


COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture
Regional Prize (VIC)
Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
Frank (Victoria) Pty Ltd
John Gollings
Project summary

This house sits on a rise, a natural saddle centrally located on an 85-acre working farm for horse and cattle. It is designed to accommodate a family residence as well as a formal gallery displaying the owners’ growing collection of well informed and carefully curated artworks by living Australian Artists.

The house is designed to appear timeless and durable and convey a sense of civic importance. It reflects high standards of workmanship and craft, while embracing the colour and texture of the surroundings. The house presents a formal entrance and ceremonial arrival point to the visitor. An informal family entrance sits discreetly on the east side of the building.

Victorian Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Residential Architecture – Houses (New)

The design celebrates the environment of Three Springs. It nestles in the landscape with near and distant views of the surrounding garden and farm. It allows us to showcase the art of Australia while enjoying a functional and enduring building. There is an interplay between art, landscape and architecture that is unified by the distinctive design style. The functional, recreational, work and display environments work together. For us this means it is a total design which is both thoroughly enjoyable and meets the different requirements we have of it as a family, as hosts and as art patrons.

Project Practice Team

Amy Evans, Graduate of Architecture
Kristin Green, Design Architect
Kristin Green, Project Architect
Louis Nuccitelli, Graduate of Architecture
Roxanne Esagunde, Architect Assistant
Tony Green, Senior Consultant

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Artistree Tree Care Pty Ltd., Tree Consultant
BDC Building Design Compliance Pty Ltd, Building Surveyor
Bluebottle, Lighting Consultant
Connor Pincus Group, Services and Mechanical Engineer
Fire Front Consultancies, Bushfire Compliance
Kinetic Sets, Metal Consultant
Paul Thompson- Plant Design Pty Ltd, Landscape Consultant
Quatrefoil Consulting Pty Ltd, Structural and Civil Engineer

Three Springs Residential Gallery | KGA Architecture | Photographer: John Gollings

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