The Workplace Kane Built | ARM Architecture

The Workplace Kane Built | ARM Architecture | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

The Workplace Kane Built | ARM Architecture

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Shannon McGrath
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Project summary

ARM Architecture’s The Workplace Kane Built is a distinctive, functional environment that steers away from tradition, while retaining an air of professionalism and leadership.

A fundamental design driver was tailoring the environment to the company’s diverse needs and providing a ‘home’ for employees that reflects both the needs of end-users and the overall company vision.

We emphasised architectural elements by creating an interior landscape. A series of post-constructivist pavilions stretch the boundaries of materiality, structure and detailing, and anchor the open-plan layout. Strong industrial references tie in with local heritage motifs, and bold directional elements in floor and ceiling planes, such as the specialised neon lighting, reference the Richmond context of tram and train tracks.

The new workplace provides over 100 work-points, split across management offices, owned workstations, non-allocated flexi work-points, and drop-in shared spaces. The design prioritises acoustic integration and separation, and state-of-the-art technologies in lighting and audio-visual amenities.

Victorian Jury Presentation

This transition for Kane represents an important opportunity to demonstrate our leadership and expertise in the construction market. The space has been designed to illustrate the diversity of what we offer and produce for our clients every day; exemplar for what authentic, values-driven workspaces can look like for the next-age workforce.

As we move away from the traditional working model, our new workplace truly allows for a higher degree of flexibility and connectivity across all our teams – both in the office, on the construction site and in times of transition between projects.

Project Practice Team

Andrea Wilson, Interior Designer
Catherine Dupuy, Interior Designer
Davina Wilson, Graduate of Architecture
Jesse Judd, Design Architect
Lee Lambrou, Graduate of Architecture
Tanya Hillman, Interior Designer

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Glowing Structures, Lighting Consultant
Marshall Day Acoustics, Acoustic Consultant
Studio Ongarato, Specialist Graphics Consultant
UT Consulting, AV Consultant
WSP, Structural Engineer

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The Workplace Kane Built | ARM Architecture | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

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