Suncorp HQ | Hassell

Suncorp HQ | Hassell | Photographer: David Chatfield

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Suncorp HQ | Hassell

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Interior Architecture
David Chatfield
Project summary

Suncorp’s new corporate headquarters in Brisbane, designed by Hassell, embodies Suncorp’s ‘better, together’ ethos by embedding a sense of community in its experience-rich workplace. Underpinned by a Hassell-designed workplace strategy and experience masterplan designed by Free State, the 18-floor workplace unites disparate offices, creating a magnetic and flexible fit-out founded on principles of togetherness and wellness.
Sweeping staircases, lush gardens and inviting social spaces connect and bind Suncorp’s workforce, supporting moments of a chance encounter and social interaction. Central circulation and gathering spaces, interlaced with flexible work settings, position collaboration and togetherness at the heart of the Suncorp workday.

Queensland Architecture Awards Accolades
The G H M Addison Award for Interior Architecture (Qld)
Queensland Jury Citation

Suncorp HQ is an exceptional achievement in creating a flexible, collaborative, and wellness-centered workplace. This transformative project unites disparate offices, fostering a sense of togetherness and resilience while prioritising employee wellbeing and the future of work.

The design of Suncorp HQ exemplifies a forward-thinking approach that embraces the evolving nature of workplaces. By providing a flexible and adaptable fit-out, the space empowers teams to choose work settings that best suit their needs, promoting creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

The architectural features of Suncorp HQ create a harmonious environment that fosters connection and social interaction. Sweeping staircases, lush gardens, and inviting social spaces serve as connectors, encouraging chance encounters and facilitating moments of collaboration.

The incorporation of over 4,000 plants throughout the space enhances visual comfort and promotes a calming environment. Furthermore, the provision of sit-to-stand workstations, which account for 55% of the work points, encourages an active workday and supports employee wellbeing. Suncorp HQ sets a new standard for interior architecture, demonstrating that a workplace can successfully integrate the principles of togetherness, wellness, and flexibility.

This award acknowledges exceptional design, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to creating a space that enhances the employee experience and fosters a sense of organisational community.

The design of Suncorp HQ is revolutionising the way we work at Suncorp, creating the best possible environment for our teams to collaborate and work flexibly. Suncorp’s optimism and commitment to building resilient communities echoes in the sunlit spaces of our new workplace. It is truly a workplace of the future.

Project Practice Team

Adam Scott, Experiential Design
Carolyn Solley, Principal, Interior Design
David Whittaker, Peer review
Emily Morrison, Interior Designer
Evodia Alaterou, Design Strategy
Franco Altea, Senior Technician
Ines Trotter, Senior Interior Designer
Keith Hayes, Design Lead
Kirsti Simpson, Principal, Interior Design
Phil Harper, Principal, Interior Design
Robert Backhouse, Peer review
Sarah Tyson, Project Lead
Tess Wall, Interior Designer

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Extrablack, Signage and Wayfinding
Faction, Project Manager
Mckenzie Group, Building Certification / DDA Consultant
Norman Disney Young, Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustics, Hydraulic, Fire
Warrington Fire, Fire Engineering
WT Partnership, Quantity Surveyor

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Suncorp HQ | Hassell | Photographer: David Chatfield

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