Sub Station No. 164 | fjcstudio (formerly fjmtstudio)

Sub Station No. 164 | fjcstudio | Photographer: Toby Peet

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Sub Station No. 164 | fjcstudio (formerly fjmtstudio)

Traditional Land Owners
Gadigal people of the Eora Nation

New South Wales

Commercial Architecture
Lord Mayors Prize (NSW)
Sustainable Architecture
John Gollings
Raw Life Studios
Toby Peet
Project summary

The restricted site for the project was two disused and degraded industrial buildings, the Shelly Warehouse and the former Electrical Substation 164. The Machine Hall of the substation, although neglected offered the opportunity of a grand industrial volume connecting Clarence and Sussex Street.

A new curvilinear transparent form of layered glass and linear varied white ceramic frit has been carefully profiled in plan and section to give the impression of lightness and suspension above the heavy and articulate masonry facades of the heritage buildings. This form tampers back above the Substation through a significant cantilevered structure to maintain the open volume of the Machine Hall and emphasis the lightness of the new elements.

The project has a wholistic approach to sustainability, adapting existing buildings to create healthy and authentic places to work and be. This is a project about the future, that preserves the past through complement and contrast.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Award for Commercial Architecture
Shortlist – Commercial Architecture
Shortlist – Heritage

The Substation 164 project was a wonderful partnership between Built and fjmt that has had a profound impact on our organisation. Our leadership group and all the staff have been delighted at the outcome. Working within the new and refurbished spaces of this unique combination of heritage and new architecture it not only healthy, comfortable and enabling but inspiring and motivating. It has been particularly impactful for our team to experience the benefits of great design, the clarity of the concept, the attention to detail, the treatment of new and old with equal care, are all truly appreciated and understood.

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Sub Station No. 164 | fjcstudio (formerly fjmtstudio) | Photographer: Toby Peet

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