Springfield Central Station park 'n' ride | GHDWoodhead

Springfield Central Station park 'n' ride | GHDWoodhead | Photographer: All Is Light

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Springfield Central Station park 'n' ride | GHDWoodhead

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Commercial Architecture
All Is Light
Jeff Camden
Project summary

The Springfield Central Station park ‘n’ ride project is a critical piece of urban infrastructure and is part of a multimodal transport network for the people of the Greater Springfield Area. The project sits at the nexus of a dynamic and evolving urban context and is forward-looking and adaptable. Initially tendered as an engineering project, GHD and GHDWoodhead saw the opportunity to develop a design-led response delivering efficiency, user experience, and sustainability that goes beyond the standard for multistorey parking facilities.

The design greatly benefits how the Queensland Government operates commuter services for the area. The design provides ample parking best utilising a challenging location, reducing the need for street parking. The building integrates into the adjacent traffic environment, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion, making it easier for commuters to access public transport. The building is safe, secure and accessible, with features including lighting, CCTV, and pedestrian wayfinding. The building is energy-efficient, with lighting systems that reduce the station’s overall environmental impact. The double-helix internal circulation ramp incorporates an impressive aesthetic, making this building more than just a functional carpark.

Project Practice Team

Bowen Lahdensuo, Project Architect
Clay Hickling, Technician
Gilda Donegan, Director of Architecture
Joshua Rhodes, Lead Designer
Lachie Hawkswell, Graduate of Architecture
Leena French, Graduate of Architecture
Lyndon Clem, Technician
Munju Takalkar, Architecture Lead
Paul Sumner, Technician

Project Consultant and Construction Team

GHD, Acoustic Consultant
GHD, Civil Consultant
GHD, Electrical Consultant
GHD, Fire Engineering
GHD, Lighting Consultant
GHD, Security Consultant
GHD, Services Consultant
GHD, Signalling Consultant
GHD, Structural Engineer
Laud Ink, Landscape Architect
MBM, Cost Consultant
McKenzie Group, Building Surveyor
McKenzie Group, DDA Consultant
QBuild, Superintendent
Urban Monkey, Wayfinding Consultant

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Springfield Central Station park 'n' ride | GHDWoodhead | Photographer: All Is Light

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