Sound Stage 6, Docklands Studios | Grimshaw

Sound Stage 6, Docklands Studios | Grimshaw | Photographer: Dianna Snape

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Sound Stage 6, Docklands Studios | Grimshaw

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Commercial Architecture
EmAGN Project Award
Kane Constructions
Dianna Snape
Project summary

Situated in the heart of Melbourne, Sound Stage 6 is a high-performance industrial building designed to provide a world-class facility for Australia’s screen industries, including film, television and gaming.

The simple barrel-vaulted building form of Sound Stage 6 corresponds with the existing sound stages of the complex to complement the identity and branding of the precinct. However, its scale and the expression of its adjoining office building allows Sound Stage 6 to be viewed as Docklands Studios Melbourne’s showpiece, reflecting the professional and technical facilities provided within the sound stage, production and administration spaces.

The highly technical building provides a large clear-span space with a 17-metre-high gantry, wet-stage facilities, high acoustic performance, and optimal load bearing conditions for Docklands Studios Melbourne’s flagship facility, while a splash of pink continues the site-wide wayfinding theme which gives a nod to Andy Warhol’s celebrated artwork of the screen icon, Marilyn Monroe.

Victorian Jury Presentation

The beauty of the design of Stage 6 is its specificity to our purpose. It’s focused on how we operate, enabling our business to evolve. The stage’s large scale delivers an improved ability to accommodate changing creative requirements quickly. We can now house more significant, high-value projects, which increased capacity allows.

Improved efficiencies are evident with the high utilisation of equipment hoists and sound-attenuated technical rooms. The high quality of the finished production offices sees much demand for this space. So, whilst the scale of the stage is impressive, clients have also noted the little details.
Thank you, team Grimshaw.

Project Practice Team

Clare Fairey, Lead Interior Designer
Elise Fancourt, Architect
Isaac Mortimer, Visualisation Artist
Jason Embley, Principal
Joshua Stellini, BIM Coordinator
Neil Stonell, Managing Partner
Robert Ventresca, Project Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

ARUP, Acoustic Engineer
Introba (Formerly Integral Group), Services Engineer
Tract, Landscape Architect
WSP Australia, Structural Engineer

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Sound Stage 6, Docklands Studios | Grimshaw | Photographer: Dianna Snape

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