River Loop House | Vokes and Peters

River Loop House | Vokes and Peters | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

River Loop House | Vokes and Peters

Traditional Land Owners
Turrbal and Yuggera




Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
JR Wales Construciton Pty Ltd
Christopher Frederick Jones
Project summary

River Loop House is an alteration and addition to a midcentury detached house in suburban Brisbane. New works reconfigure the original plan to improve social connectivity, respond to climate, and emphasise the presence of the suburban setting, including the revegetated garden and the pleasant neighbourhood streetscape (part of a popular inner city cycling route known as the ‘River Loop’).

Reconfigured internal planning, circulation and new openings create expansive and generous volumes, with only 14m2 added to the overall GFA.

The resulting building is more open and generous than its predecessor, providing a pleasant living environment for its occupants, promoting social engagement through the active occupation of the front garden and street elevation, and establishing a lush, native garden that contributes to the visual appeal of the local streetscape and the broader suburban garden setting of Yeronga.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

H Design, Hydraulic Consultant

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River Loop House | Vokes and Peters | Photographer: christopher frederick jones

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