Park House - Northcote | DiMase Architects

Park House - Northcote | DiMase Architects | Photographer: Trevor Mein

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Park House - Northcote | DiMase Architects

Traditional Land Owners


Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
Appetite for Construction
Katya Menshikova
Trevor Mein
Project summary

The Northcote Low Energy House Project is a sustainable and energy-efficient dwelling that is designed to blend in with its natural surroundings near All Nations Park. The design incorporates Passivhaus principles to achieve a certified low energy house, which involves analyzing the thermal performance of the building and its components to minimize the use of non-renewable resources for heating and cooling.

The materials used were chosen for their durability and earthiness, and the locally-inspired landscape design of the garden helps to blur the boundary between private and public space. The project met the goal of creating a comfortable, energy-efficient home that is harmonious with its natural setting and the needs of the community. The homeowner also praised the team for being able to balance the design requests for energy efficiency, maximizing the view and having a pleasant interior design that met their needs.

Victorian Jury Presentation

The house we have is a great place to live in. Looking out onto the park is a pleasure, with a view that changes with the season and the house sits within the park without intrudion. The interior is comfortable, functional and meets our lifestyle. It is also very energy efficient. It is a credit to the DIMASE ARCHITECTS team that they could work with the request to build a house that suited our needs, energy efficient, exploited the view and has a pleasant interior design. the lived experience is of a comfortable house that is enjoyable to live in!

Project Practice Team

Niea Nadya, Graduate of Architecture

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Avant Gardener, Garden Designer
Grun Consulting, ESD Consultant
Quatrefoil Consulting Pty Ltd, Structural Engineer
RBS Melbourne, Building Surveyor

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Park House - Northcote | DiMase Architects | Photographer: Trevor Mein

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