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Paris Apartment | Wood Marsh

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Paris Apartment | Wood Marsh Architecture

Traditional Land Owners


Interior Architecture
Tommaso Sartori
Wood Marsh
Project summary

Located within the 4th arrondissement, Paris Apartment is situated within a 17th century baroque residence. Using timber floorboards, black timber joinery and marble finishes, the interior design strikes a balance between restoring key historical features and adding modern amenities in a contemporary style. The client’s extensive collection of Australian and International art is showcased throughout the apartment.

The apartment primarily employs a light colour scheme with feature rooms celebrated in distinct colours. Serving as the heart of the home, the formal dining space was decorated with a salmon hue drawn from the floral murals that line the room. The striking colour of the room is complemented by a hidden bar clad in magenta mirror.

Paris Apartment is a respectful dialogue between contemporary and heritage elements. By combining the past of Paris with the present of Parisian and Australian architecture, the space is a harmonious balance of history and modernity.

National Architecture Awards Accolades
The Jøhn Utzon Award For International Architecture
International Chapter Architecture Awards Accolades
Award for Interior Architecture
International Chapter Jury Citation

To the jury’s unanimous eye, the award for Interior Architecture had one clear winner. This two-bedroom apartment, the Parisian home for an Australian lawyer and arts philanthropist, is located within a 17th-century Parisian Hotel, originally designed by French Baroque architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, who would take one of the apartments as his own. Hardouin-Mansart designed many of France’s great architectural works, including the Palace of Versailles, so it is no surprise that the historic interior is highly valued in this project.
Wood Marsh led a masterly design response to the high-stakes heritage envelope by contrasting French classical and floral style with minimal decor. They met the challenge of balancing respect for the past, and a gallery style contemporary residence, with confidence. They repaired original wall panelling and delicate in situ artwork, hiding modern services behind traditional mouldings. They also managed a modern (spare) approach to fit-out geometry that is meticulously placed and detailed. Finally, there is a serious collection of indigenous and contemporary Australian art set off against a background of colour, that is alternately calming and cool and then punchy and hot. Pleasurable finishes and delightful custom fitments keep the eye engaged.
With the important support of a skilled builder and a local Parisian architect, Wood Marsh have achieved an outstanding exemplar project through the challenge of Covid-19 restrictions. The jury is pleased to recognise the result with this award.

Our life in Paris is simultaneously a far cry and a perfect extension of our life in Australia. The contemporary realisation of this structure, with its 17th century origins, exemplifies best practice of that era as the home of architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Our desire was to bring the dynamic of Australian international best practice to modern Paris, with the international vision of Wood Marsh as conduit. This restoration breathes new light, life and energy into the way we live here, evocative of 21st Century Paris. In this project, Wood Marsh have achieved the perfect synergy of past, present and future.

Project Practice Team

Randal Marsh, Director
Randal Marsh, Director
Roger Wood, Project Architect
Roger Wood, Project Architect and Director
Marco Zerbi, Project Lead
Marco Zerbi, Project Lead

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Murray White Room, Art Consultant
Renaissance les architects, Local Architects
Arcanes, Restoration
cTek Ignenierie, Services Consultant
ELEMENT structure, Structural Engineer

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