MyState Bank Arena | Philp Lighton Architects

MyState Bank Arena | Philp Lighton Architects | Photographer: Rob Burnett

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

MyState Bank Arena | Philp Lighton Architects

Traditional Land Owners
The Muwinina people of nipaluna


COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture
Public Architecture
VOS Construction & Joinery
Alastair Bett
Alice Bennett
Rob Burnett
Project summary

MyState Bank Area, previously known as the Derwent Entertainment Centre, is a multi-use function centre located at Wilkinson’s Point. The redevelopment of the arena improves functionality and public amenity while providing a new home for the JackJumpers in Australia’s newest boutique sports stadium.

March with the passionate JackJumper supporters into the redeveloped stadium beneath the glowing entrance canopy, music pumping, grab a cold drink and a bucket of the best hot chips in town and find your seat ready for tip off.

The redeveloped stadium has a distinctively Tasmanian feel from the façade created by overlapping arches and shadows inspired by the rolling hills and mountains surrounding Hobart. The spaces are light, open and generously decorated with local Tasmanian timbers.

New lighting and AV equipment bring the stadium in line with exemplar standards for international broadcasting of sporting and entertainment events and create the best possible experience for patrons.

It is important to us that we present a professional appearance to our patrons and the broader public and we are very proud of the recent upgrades to the facility. The positive reviews we have received have been overwhelming and it’s clear that patrons find the new building to be very visually appealing, and an improvement on their overall experience; the atmosphere of the venue is fantastic during events.

The spaces offer us a lot of flexible options for function hire and the whole building expresses a distinctive Tasmanian brand that is in line with our business focus.

Project Practice Team

Andrew Floyd, Project Director
Anthony Dalgleish, Project Director
Emily Bird, Construction Phase Lead
Joe Crothers, Graduate of Architecture
John Faulkner, Architectural Technician
Pravish Prakash, Graduate of Architecture
Sam Smith, Architectural Technician
Thomas Floyd, Project Director and Design Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Alive Technologies, AV Consultant
Equality Building, Access Consultant
Gandy & Roberts, Structural Engineer
Greg Green Building Surveying, Building Surveyor
Howarth Fisher and Associates, Traffic Engineer
IreneInc, Town Planner
JMG Engineers & Planners, Engineer
JP Fire, Fire Engineer
Mariljohn, Kitchen Designer
Playstreet, Landscape Consultant
Starena Group, Stadium Seating Specialist
Studio Semaphore, Signage Design
WT Partnership, Quantity Surveyor

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MyState Bank Arena | Philp Lighton Architects | Photographer: Alice Bennett

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